Suunta Integrative Health

About Suunta Integrative Health

Suunta Integrative Health evolved from the many years of work with families by the owner, Melissa Copenhaver. As a nurse and social worker, she recognized that we can’t separate mind, body and spirit. They are integrated. Individuals are impacted when we do not focus on the whole person. Her work as an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor taught her that individuals are also impacted when we do not pay attention to the early experiences that shape us. The services at Suunta Integrative Health are designed to address early traumas that follow children into adulthood and the influence of a high stress society.

The founders of Suunta Integrative Health are equally committed to creating a work environment that nourishes the providers so that they can give their work with clients their all.  Clients are matched with a provider with the skills and attributes that will collaborate best on their journey towards health.